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Scripts, pitches & teasers for feature films and full-length series.

The Flayed Lord

Supernatural Horror

Devastated by his traumatic marriage, Simeon Carcosa leaves his life behind to pursue his youthful dream of being a writer. He withdraws from the world to a cheap apartment house where he is the only resident. Except for whoever is living–or not living–upstairs in Number 7…

Funny Business

A Light Comedy

On her wedding day, a bride leaves her billionaire fiancé standing at the altar, and winds up in a shabby Key West studio with two quarreling artists. A light comedy in the classic manner of the Golden Age of Hollywood.


A Neo-Screwball Comedy

Daisy, a dizzy young woman, leaves her husband of
ten years and opens a bar with her two sisters. Daisy falls
in love with three men, and has to figure out which one she
truly loves when she becomes pregnant.


Sci-Fi Psychological Drama

“The Brothers Zamyatin,” a defunct rock group from the 1980s, gathers at the house of their leader to remember a founding member lost to murder-suicide. Over this single night, a blood-red cyclone is ravaging the entire eastern seaboard and spreading a deadly virus over the globe. Gradually, we learn that the world has changed significantly due to fears of the virus, and that very strange events hint that the end of days is upon us.

Stark Raving Naked

A Good Old Fashioned Sex Romp

A middle-aged Casanova visits a psychiatrist and falls in
love with her patient–a damaged young woman suffering from
debilitating sexual phobias. A screwball romance in the vein of
“Annie Hall” and earlier, funnier Woody Allen films.


Deep Southern Satanic Horror

A young artist moves into a decaying plantation in the rural south to be an apprentice to a dying master painter. She soon suspects that the artist may be hundreds of years old and that his coterie of apprentices is a witches coven who are drugging her for some diabolical purpose.

The Unknowns

Historical UFO Thriller

One night in 1948, members of an Air Force task
force investigating the recent global outbreak of UFOs
gather for a cocktail party when something crashes in the
woods behind the house…

My Lunches with Orson Welles

A biographical drama based on the book by Henry Jaglom

The Zone

A science fiction series inspired by the Strugatsky Brothers’ mind-blowing novel “Roadside Picnic” (1972).

Other Projects

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