The Girl Who Died

Pure Southern Gothic Horror.

The Girl Who Died is a supernatural horror film–a Southern Gothic tragedy about a young psychic and the ghosts that relentlessly haunt her; about a rotting Savannah manor and the rotten family that dwells within; about life and death, the dead and the not-quite-living, and the brick wall of fate. 

Sofie Valentine is a young woman who, like Lorraine in “The Conjuring” series, is an enormously gifted psychic who tries–at great risk to her own life–to unknot the mysteries that the dead hold. Like the boy in “The Sixth Sense,” Sofie sees the dead, and undergoes a cataclysmic reversal in the end. 

She is The Girl Who Died.

What Is It?

TitleThe Girl Who Died
GenreSupernatural Horror
LoglineSofie Valentine, a gifted psychic, risks her life when she comes out of retirement to help a desperate mother find her missing twins.
Length90 minutes
Writer/DirectorJeff Thelen

What’s It About?

Sofie Valentine is a gifted young psychic, who learned of her talents after having died, along with her family, in a freak lightning storm–only to be mysteriously revived. She lives with one foot in the grave, crowded by ghosts she cannot escape. 

Her husband, Roman, is a psychiatrist who believes completely in Sofie’s gifts. Roman forsook his career when he rescued the girl from the psychiatric institute where he worked and she was a ward. Despite his belief in her talents, Roman insists that Sofie retire because the stress of “going down into the other-world” is too risky for her weak heart. 

The storyline involves the mystery of missing twins from an old manor in Savannah. Sofie is engaged to help find the missing children–much against her husband’s objections. During a seance, filled with a phantasmagoria of visions and remnants of the dead, Sofie declares the children have been murdered. 

When the police fail to find the twin’s bodies at an old cottage where Sofie prophesized they would be–when, in fact, the children turn up alive–a shadow is cast over the young psychic. 

Her marriage deteriorates because her husband loses faith in her gifts. He suspects she may be insane, as many of his colleagues had insisted. Especially because Sofie adamantly refuses to believe she was wrong. Despite incontestable evidence to the contrary.

As Roman is arranging for her to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital, Sofie discovers something remarkable… and terrible…