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"The Girl Who Died" - Pitch Teaser

The Girl Who Died   Dazed   Walpurgisnacht

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Dead Souls

"The Unknowns" - Teaser from Quixotic Arts on Vimeo.

Stark Raving Naked - Pitch Teaser from Quixotic Arts on Vimeo.

Who are we?

Jeff Thelen. Writer, Director, Co-Producer. Jeff is an award-winning oil painter, award-winning screenwriter, and a filmmaker. In 2016, with Joshua Berwald, Jeff wrote, produced and directed "Panopticon," a feature-length sci-fi film made for the impossibly small sum of $5,000. In order to see the film through to completion, Jeff had to play many roles in addition to producing and directing, including editing, doing the CGI special effects, and composing the score. Jeff lives in Dunwoody, Georgia, with his family.

Joshua Berwald. Co-Producer. Joshua is an actor, producer, writer, and filmmaker. In 2016, Joshua starred in and co-produced the no-budget sci-fi film "Panopticon" with Jeff Thelen. Due to the non-existent budget, the film took over a year to photograph, on weekends and spare-change. It took tenacity and dedication to see the project through to completion. Joshua lives in Atlanta.

Anthony Abbott. Co-Producer. Anthony is a musician, artist, award-winning writer, and filmmaker. In addition to making his own films and music videos, Anthony worked as writer and assistant director on the horror film Apollyon. Anthony also helped write the music for "Panopticon." A London native, Anthony lives in Sandy Springs, Georgia, with his wife and children.

Rasa Perkunas. Co-Producer. A native of Lithuania, Rasa is an accomplished musicologist, photographer and film-buff. She was instrumental in helping produce the pitch teaser for "The Girl Who Died" and is eager to get working on the full feature. Rasa lives in Atlanta with her two children.

Jeff Thelen interviewed by author and film critic David M. Vining on the making of "Panopticon"

Oil Paintings by Jeff Thelen