A Good Old-Fashioned Ghost Story

Now shooting in Atlanta, our hometown.

Augustus Goldfinch returns home to visit his “dying” Aunt Julia, the last surviving member of his family. A Southern eccentric with a taste for amateur mysticism, Julia persuades her stick-in-the-mud nephew to spend the night in the local haunted house.

Where, he learns, his mother and father died one terrible night.

It’s a good old-fashioned ghost story in the good old-fashioned manner of classic Hollywood–with a light touch, some humor, terror, and murder!

The Ten of Swords
A Good Old-Fashioned Ghost Story

Deborah Childs

Mike Boland

Written and Directed by Jeff Thelen.

Produced by Jeff Thelen, Rasa Perkunas, Chris Manikowski & Josh Berwald

With Levi Burdick

Cinematography by Clinton Cornwell