A Good Old-Fashioned Ghost Story

Augustus Goldfinch returns home to visit his “dying” Aunt Julia, the last surviving member of his family. A Southern eccentric with a taste for amateur mysticism, Julia persuades her stick-in-the-mud nephew to spend the night in the local haunted house.

Where, he learns, his mother and father died one terrible night.

It’s a good old-fashioned ghost story in the good old-fashioned manner of classic Hollywood–with a light touch, some humor, terror, and murder!

Now shooting in Atlanta, our hometown.

Deborah Childs

Mike Boland

Written and Directed by Jeff Thelen

Produced by Jeff Thelen, Rasa Perkunas, Mike Boland & Josh Berwald

With Levi Burdick, Meghan Perry, Daniel Smith & Jason Vail

Cinematography by Clinton Cornwell