About Me

I am an award-winning portrait artist living in the Atlanta area. I currently work in the classical layered technique, the same method that was brought to perfection by masters such as Rembrandt, and which was largely abandoned during the modern era. My tastes incline toward a quasi-realistic chiaroscuro using a limited earth palette, avoiding the high tones and unsettling color schemes preferred by many contemporary artists. I use only the highest quality oil paints on Belgian linen.

Unless otherwise indicated, all paintings on this page are for sale. Please inquire for prices.

Portrait Commissions

Portrait fees vary depending on the size of the portrait, the number of subjects, and complexity of the setting. As a rough estimate, the standard size (36"x24") portrait of Valentina would start at $5000. A deposit of 50% is requested before painting begins. The balance is due upon delivery.


I work mainly from photographs, which I take. This eliminates the need for extensive sitting sessions by the subject, and provides a constant reference from which to develop the work of art. Photo sessions generally last 1-3 hours, and may be taken at my studio or a location of the client's choosing. I will gladly consider working from a favorite photograph of the client.

After the shoot, I select the most appropriate photographs, and compose and manipulate them as digital images. After the client has approved the photograph to work from, painting will begin.

Paintings often take 3-6 months to complete. An additional 3 - 6 months of drying time may be needed before the final varnish, which can be done after delivery.


Please email inquiries to Jeff at Quixotic Arts.